The Ultimate Guide on Scoring Your Dream Job After College

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So, you’re finally graduating college. It should be an exciting time, right? No more classes, no more exams, no more stress. Except, now you have a whole new issue to worry about: transitioning into the real world and finding a job. Before you start agonizing over this situation too much, here are some tips that can help you land your dream career fresh out of college.

Spend time thinking about what you really want to do

Take the opportunity to sit down and figure out what your goals and aspirations are. It can be very overwhelming when you’re a new graduate and have a million career ideas thrown at you. Organize a list — from dream job to favorite hobby — of each path you could visualize yourself taking. It is extremely important to choose something you are passionate about, otherwise, it will be more like work rather than a “dream job”.

Start out with an internship

Before diving right into the real world, try simply dipping a toe in instead. Internships are an awesome way to get a foot in the door without actually having to jump into a full-time position. Not only is this a great opportunity to expand your knowledge in the field, but employers are often looking for individuals with prior experience. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), job-offer rates frequently depend on whether or not the college graduate has had a past internship.

Give your resume a makeover

The resume is what your first impression is based off of, and it usually determines whether or not you secure an interview. Take the time to showcase your skills, but also try to deliberately match the job description and qualifications presented by the employer. Some helpful formatting tips to keep your resume professional include:

  • choose a simple, legible font, such as Arial or Times New Roman
  • keep your font size within 10 to 12 points
  • use section headers to organize important information

If building a resume is not your strong suit, don’t stress! Getting professional advice could be what really makes your application stand out.

Network, network, and network some more!

This is possibly the most important step in landing your dream job; it’s all about who you know. Reach out to professionals on social media, job sites, old colleagues, or even just friends and family. Job search expert Alison Doyle explains that over 80% of job seekers claim networking has led them to their current profession.

So, celebrate! You completed a huge milestone and are transitioning into another one. While it may be stressful at first, don’t forget: your dream job is out there; just be patient, work hard, and you will find it.




Hi! I am a student at Shippensburg University, majoring in public relations within the Communication/Journalism department.

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Anna Potterfield

Anna Potterfield

Hi! I am a student at Shippensburg University, majoring in public relations within the Communication/Journalism department.

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